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Thread: Looking for panther drive mod from asotin,wa guys

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    Looking for panther drive mod from asotin,wa guys

    Hi, haven`t been here in a while. I remember (I think) some guys in Asotin, Wa that had a step by step modification of a Panther drive with pictures..DIY. Would appreciate any help on this. Also, saw an ad for panther vater that was around 1700$...have not seen it since. I am going to pull the BBC out this fall after realizing this thing is 25 years old (79 Sterling). The oil pan leaks like hell and it is odvious the block has`nt been painted(and rust). The previous owners replaced the plug wires, and gauges and distributer. But, I don`t think the 150 hrs is anyway accurate....I know isn`t. I am going to cam it with a 300/310 Schneider.It has a steel crank. Any ideas on forged vs cast pistons and rods...hypereutetic maybe?Thanks, Roger

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    Re: Looking for panther drive mod from asotin,wa guys

    Not certain if what this is what your meaning , however we (JBP) are the inventors of the popular Panther conversion kits,both the Energizer and our own XLerator,the lend them selves easily to our standard Place diverter trim package (pics of two recent conversions below) Our converted jets come to you not in a box but rather as an blueprinted assembled and ready to bolt in with all the miscelleneous Re your BBC or any other powerplant for that matter we tend to Go with forged piston rotating assembles , sometimes HPs and avoid cast

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