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Thread: Panther Pump Devcon re-done

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    Panther Pump Devcon re-done

    Since I already had the exit housing off and waiting for replacement to be delivered I went ahead and pulled the impeller and decided to re-devcon the pump, this time I went ahead and filled in all the low areas surrounding the leading edge of the impeller where the pitting is usually the worst and beyond into the pump housing making the entire inside area one smooth entry for the water to flow, the difference from two years ago when I filled in the pits but left the cavity that surrounded the leading edge of impeller area, here are some pics first of 2 years ago and then from past few days...
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    Re: Panther Pump Devcon re-done

    Good Job Bud !

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    Re: Panther Pump Devcon re-done

    Nice work! That Devcon, is some wicked hard epoxy, when it sets up!
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