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Thread: Daycruiser Performance Upgrade Ideas

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    Re: Daycruiser Performance Upgrade Ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by 78_Tahiti View Post
    I bet you gained a couple of other things, that are kind of tough to see, when their in front of you. An engine your not ashamed to show, anyone who asks, driving a nice riding cruiser, that will prolly be installing smiles, on anyone that has the opportunity to ride in it, or towed behind it. I also bet, that feeling you'll get, when you stop on the water, and ask "Do you guys need a tow back to the ramp" will make you feel "Priceless" The engine compartment looks great!
    It is a lot prettier...I wasn't going to replace the manifold, since guru Paul Kane says the stock CJ piece works very well, which is does....but since i had to take off the exhaust manifolds to turn engine over by hand and the valve covers to use a dial indicator, the rusty, heavy manifold was easy to get to...about 5 min to remove with air tools. Also about 70 lb. Only issue now is a surging at idle (below 850 rpm), idle mixture screws don't seem to do much...hopefully not a vac leak. I do feel better knowing my timing chain isn't sloppy loose. The engine runs soooo much cooler and cleaner, worth it for that. still wondering why the original cam timing retard, if for smog reasons,it ran dirtiy before. Boat is snappier, just happy at its 48-49 top speed. Can't ask much more from a stock 35 year old engine. Just want dependability at this point.

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