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Thread: parking rant

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    Re: parking rant

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfie View Post
    My wife's the one who's either negotiated for or picked out the three we have

    Must be nice

    Yes she is!!! Wouldn't trade her for anything!!! Including a blown 540 BBC!!!! Maybe a blown 572 hemi, but nothing else!!!
    ****Disclaimer - I'm far from being an expert so you may want a second opinion!****

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    Re: parking rant

    Quote Originally Posted by PHOENIX View Post

    Yes she is!!! Wouldn't trade her for anything!!! Including a blown 540 BBC!!!! Maybe a blown 572 hemi, but nothing else!!!
    Guess everything has a Price..

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    Re: parking rant

    you guys need to get those camo covers they use in the military then they can't tell what you have from google earth. amazing you pay property taxes and they still can tell you what you can and cannot have on your own property. but they still let child molestors live in general population neighborhoods go figure.

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    Re: parking rant

    That reminds me of cheech and chong when te tarp rips over the weed. so he pretends he is swimming. lol

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    Re: parking rant

    back at this again except this time we were actually fined. this time all that's in the driveway is moby dick and my dads new truck and its all contained and kept clean. you look at my neighbors driveway 4 cars that don't run and haven't moved in like 3 years all leak oil so when it rains its like a rainbow going down their driveway into the gutter. ever since my dad bought this house their has always been a boat in that spot then when people started buying and selling houses around here it started being a problem.

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    Re: parking rant

    See if you can get some free legal advise from a local law firm. Sometimes you get some tin god code enforcement punk that hands out tickets on a whim, or if he thinks it will impress someone who has complained. I had a citation issued by one a few years back because, "someone in the neighborhood complained, and that's reason enough!" I chewed his a$$ for about 15 minutes and asked him to sight the code or regulation that I was violating. He could not, but let the citation stand.

    A local law firm took a look at it, and said they had no code that they could sight for this, but told me that it was common practice in my area of Orange County for code enforcement to issue groundless citations to make themselves look like they're doing their jobs. Most people won't fight them, and pay up. The paralegal suggested I take it to court. They claimed my rusty old Jeep J10 didn't run and couldn't be moved. It was tagged and insured and I drove it around for the tin god, but that wasn't good enough. I ended up taking a day off from work and going to court to fight the citation. Code enforcement didn't show up, and the judge ruled in my favor, dropping the fine.

    Some HOA's have specific anti-boat rules around here. California has to be about 1000 times worse than Florida, though. Sometimes HOA rules clash with municipal codes, check on that.

    It infuriates me when we have to fight a war on multiple fronts for the right to park equipment that we've PAID THE STATE to register for use, ON OUR OWN PROPERTY!

    If a law firm would take up challenges to local codes as a cause, and charged reasonable rates for defending property owners, they'd have more work than they could handle around here. Code Enforcement officers are lower life forms, along with Repo-men and EPA agents...

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    Re: parking rant

    Whittier is a pain in the arse when it comes to having toys. They've done a good job of getting rid of any storage lots, then they write you up for having them. We had our motorhome out in the front of our house (the garage was in an alley). There was no place to keep it on our property. They gave me a ticket for having it there for a week. We had it out front because we were going on a trip and were getting it ready. The city government is clueless. They've forced a lot of good businesses out of the city.
    ****Disclaimer - I'm far from being an expert so you may want a second opinion!****

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