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Thread: Golden Eagle :: 1976 marlin dolphin 17

  1. General Information
    Golden Eagle
    dolphin 17
    Panther AMC V8 jet

    I was looking for a project jet boat one with a wind shield and a deep vee hull . After a long search I found it.
    It was in real bad shape . Picked it up for 200.00$


    hull is beat up and scratched up but there is no hook Or warping in the bottom. it is true and straight .

    Fully gutted and lightened out
    New clear select Douglas fir full length stringers.
    New light foam and marine ply bulk heads.
    New marine ply and epoxy transom .
    New light 0.50" marine ply wood + epoxy 6oz glass sandwich floor
    New light marine ply seats and engine cover epoxy coated
    Reused the og seat covers

    AMC v8 401
    HP 330 @ 5000rpm
    Torque 430 @ 3400rpm
    Bore 4.15
    Stroke 3.68
    9.5:1compression ratio
    Carburetion Holley 4412s
    picked it up from a 71 jeep truck

    Panther h450

    1976 American

    #60 Master Cylinder

    10" drum brakes

    adjustable single axle

    205 75 14 high speed radial trailer tires

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    Re: 1976 marlin dolphin

    Man, you are really putting some effort into that old boat. Nice wood work...

    I noticed in one thread you were talking about putting in a Chevy 454. Are you now going with the other AMC 360 you bought?

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    Re: 1976 marlin dolphin

    I am going to run the 360 for now will see how it goes . I like the AMC engine Its just harder to find parts and the exhaust manifolds are only available used. I have one extra set. I dont think they will last more than 5 years running in salt water. I live just a few blocks from the long beach marine stadium its a big water oval race course in the harbor that's open for skiing every day when there is not a event. Catalina island is only 26 miles away too. Years ago I would go almost every weekend over there and camp with my old 19' boat. The boat is going to see some hard abuse in the ocean mostly and up river in Montana. I am not going to put a whole lot of work into the exterior but the wood structure needed to be top notch, AA marine plywood , vertical grain Douglas fir ,all epoxy saturated and glassed with fine cloth.
    We will see I think it is going to go pretty good with the hot 360 in an under 2000 lbs boat. I would love to do a hot 401 with the aluminum edelbrock heads and a offenhauser dual cross ram manifold. But I think it is going to get a big Chevy some day
    unless I find a bunch of AMC glen wood exhaust manifolds .
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    Re: 1976 marlin dolphin

    Take the time to use some Salt Away after each use and it will probably last a long time. I live on the Pacific coast and a bunch of guys swear by the stuff. Its a lot of work to make a saltwater craft last, which is why I stay away from salt, but it can be done.

    I have had a blast restoring my little jet with the Panther AMC combo. Don't expect too much though. With the Javelin motor, if you get 55 MPH you will be doing fantastic with that hull. 40-45mph is probably more realistic. But for a boat that size, that is awesome...

    One of the options I looked at are the Tuff Dawg engines. In particular, the 365HP AMC 360 would be nice. And these have the oiling mods you would want when pushing these engines hard, and would require no mods to the jetdrive. http://www.ebay.com/itm/AMC-360-365H...-/160965238242

    The Panther jets are pretty limited. Without modifications, anything over 400HP is a waste, but there are sleeves, and Tom at JetBoatPerformance makes a custom energizer for higher HP applications: http://www.jetboatperformance.biz/pa...rgizerkit.html

    These guys built an AMC 360 that was turning out well over 477HP at 7000 RPM for $6000: http://www.powerblocktv.com/episodes...ngine-build-up

    None of these options are in the cards for me any time soon, but I still dream from time to time...

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    Re: 1976 marlin dolphin

    We took the dolphin out for a harbor cruse and short sprint in the ocean last weekend and everything went well.
    The marine stadium was closed Saturday so we had to go in the ocean to test the performance . The boat felt light
    and responsive in the med high chop with the high compression AMC 360 p it goes real good , insane bottom end
    instant throttle response and the old maritec pump seems good too no leaks, oil or water. The pump is matched
    to the engine nicely too tops out right at 4800 rpm. Sunday the stadium was open and we took it out again
    for some long flat out runs . Every thing went good handles well. I dont know how fast we were going but felt like
    way over the 35 mph speed limit .

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    Re: 1976 marlin dolphin

    That's awesome!!! Any pics of the finished product?
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    Re: 1976 marlin dolphin

    Yes yes, pics and videos

    Glad to hear it went well. I was tempted to ask if you checked for clearance on the impeller. 4800 rpm sounds kinda high, but I don't know for sure with that high compression version of the 360. If you have a good hole shot, you clearances are fine. If you have clearance issues, it will cavitate and you're RPMs will be very high, kinda like spinning your tires in a car from the line. There will always be some cavitation, but it shouldn't be excessive.

    That being said, I would love to be at 4800 RPM. That would get me to 65MPH for sure. My lower compression 360 simply doesn't have that kind of power.

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    Re: 1976 marlin dolphin

    We took the dolphin out again last Saturday . We had to go in the ocean the stadium was closed for a rowing race.
    So I had the gopro all set up and turned it on for a few seconds and then accidentally turned it off so no good video yet.
    I put a few new pics in my album , not a finish product yet but getting closer . The pump does cavitate a little revs up
    pretty high if i jump on it but hole shot is good . Cruises sweet at 3000 rpm and handles the chop well. Really sweet handling low and high speed. Reverse works good to after some adjustment.
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    Re: 1976 marlin dolphin

    Coming back form the long beach breakwater on a rough day 25 mph winds and 3 - 5 foot seas at 25 mph 2300 rpm minimum planning speed then increasing to higher speed approaching
    the harbor mouth .

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    Re: 1976 marlin dolphin

    Nice video man... I have got to get one of those GoPros. Got a newer cannon point and shoot, but we needed to replace our old one. It is better than the old, but not going to do for real video. Was all set to get a gopro until we had an unexpected breakdown with the wife's car.

    You won't find any of the rest of us out there in the salt with you Well, maybe one or two. You're hull is much better designed for that kind of water.

    Humboldt Bay can be very beautiful at times and I have fantasized about racing across the bay trying to catch 60MPH. It is literally 5 minutes from home to the nearest launch. Not going to happen though... I didn't spend all that time polishing aluminum for salt. And don't ruin to many of those old logs. I think they are actually small block chevy (or maybe 350 olds) logs, they just happen to fit the AMC's. They don't have the dog leg port is why I think so.

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