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Thread: Dominator Pump build for 454 blue boat (Scott)

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    Re: Dominator Pump build for 454 blue boat (Scott)

    I stopped by Scotts the other day! The Carrera looks ready for the wet test! looking forward to ride, for sure!
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    Re: Dominator Pump build for 454 blue boat (Scott)

    just as I was ready to put a reply my puter crashed ill try again. Yes my pump is done and now all I need is $$$$ for my oil and I can test it out.Im still not completely done with it yet.After this weekend with family and friends at CFW trying it out I wanted to test the differences between the old pump and this one then after that install the rideplate set up and test it .Im after RPM and the speed .After all is done then I want to remove just the nozzl and the brackets and have just the nozzle power coated candy blue.Then I will install the already polished brackets that hold the cables and all on.That should then look like a diamond on a ring lol .Cant wait for this weekend thers not going to be any smooth water around me look out im going to tear it up whos all in on that ride lol and Steve M I might even turn up that 2,100 watts of amps just for you

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