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Thread: Goldmember :: 1974 Checkmate Jetmate

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    Gold/brown Metalic

    My Dad purchased boat in 1974, had tons of engines in it since then, sat sat in the back yard for about 12 years till I started the project in 2001 when I was still in High school, only rode in it a couple times as a kid because the the engines my dad went threw because he was crazy with this thing! lol,, but its back now and prob the best its ever been. I will Prob keep this boat for the rest of my life, thanks to my pops..


    Always wanted my boat to have a Rooster tail and never thought I would ever see the day it would, thanks to everyone in jet Boat Forums, and lots of reading up, Jim at Performance jet for all the work to the jet drive, and the money it cost to do it, lol

    Rebuilt and saved interior to be the same as it was in 1974, all original interior, not to back for being that old and in the sun

    Olds 455 bored .030 over
    Marine Comp Cam
    MSD Ignition
    Hooker Super Comp Headers
    Milidon 10 QT oil Pan
    Edelbrock Performer Intake

    Jacuzzi 12 YJ Converted to American Turbine
    Manual Place Divetor
    Droop Snoot
    4 Degree Wedge
    AA Impeller
    Jet Drive Machined by Performance Jet

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    Cool stuff! Strange to see a jet boat with the steering on the starboard side.
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    Even stranger Wolfie, is all the different splash's of that hull, Tahiti, Sidewinder, Etc. all had right side steering! Well at least the 20 or so I've seen over the years.

    Nice looking Boat By the Way! Jim over at Performance Jet does Great Work!
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    Thanks guys, Can't wait for spring/summer over here in Western Mass, but not looking forward to the gas prices this summer..
    1974 Checkmate "Jetmate" Olds 455 , Jacuzzi 12 yj with Energizer Kit aa Impeller and Place Divertor

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    One of the coolest and most unique boats I have seen. Great pics...
    And I appriciate the 'right side steering'. Right side steering and original custom shields...

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