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Thread: 1974 Sidewinder SK Lo Profile

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    SK Lo Profile

    Rare Sidewinder model with a Chevy 454 and a Berkeley pump. Original interior was gone when I got it, but it was running and on a trailer for $800, so couldn't pass it up.


    Found a Tahiti that was being parted out and got its interior for $60. Took a bit of new wood and work to get it to fit and not look completely terrible, but still a lot easier than making one from scratch.

    Chevy 454 with a mild build, billet roller rockers, OS harmonic balancer, Holley 750 double pumper, high compression 1970 Chevy heads, Edelbrock air gap RPM intake, HEI iginition system, mild cam, etc. Have had the carb rebuilt, moved the throttle cable to the correct position (from the back) and added a thermostat system.

    Berkeley 12JC


    Yarbrough bunk single axle trailer. Sporting new bearings, races, seals, and tires.

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