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    I80 Merge

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfie link=topic=714.msg16793#msg16793 date=1325275498
    Quote Originally Posted by "THE ADVOCATE" link=topic=714.msg16773#msg16773 date=1325225702
    Quote Originally Posted by Sleek Freak link=topic=714.msg16765#msg16765 date=1325221819
    I've tried, I couldn't even get him to get his boat wet last summer. everyone I know has went through tough times it seems. others
    moved up to bigger boats and left the hotrods home ( kinda why I took Marge out all last summer ) I'm going to CFW to get back in the saddle then home to hit the Brendella hot and heavy. with my new found boat family this years gonna rock.
    Ive measured twice and cut six times, the new headers will fit even if I have to break out som 308 rod! I AM GOING BOATING WITH ROGER, KREG, DAVE, RORY, and anyone else that enjoys a pleasant day at the lake with special boats!!!! 2012 is going to be a good year! So far the NUTTZ are going to Cali, the I 80 exchange is getting bigger and better, we have a hook up in Powell, and I like Davids idea about meeting halfway at the resevoir in Nevada for a weekend! Love all of you, Happy New Year!!

    They have a nice lake just outside of Winnemucca. Either do some tent sylin' or stay in Winnemucca and do some late night gamblin' or both!!!
    Have you checked this lake out Dave?
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    Re: I80 Merge

    Looks like it might be a fun weekend trip!
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    Re: I80 Merge

    Just saw it as we drove past. Looked it up a little. Looks like they have some boat ramps and camping though. I haven't looked too much into it. I'll see what I can find out.
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    Re: I80 Merge

    I found some info on it after the VJB US Tour last year! LOL! I'll see if I can find the link again. I think there are 2 little lakes there!
    It's Impossible to Lose Your Footing, If Your On Your Knees"

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