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Thread: I got one now no where to go

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    Re: I got one now no where to go

    I found those ones on mine, on an old 429 engine. They have the little drip rails inside, and go strait up, instead of straight out from the head.
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    Re: I got one now no where to go

    Hey Laz I'm right down the street from you in SRQ ... I got a jet here too & hate salt water. We go to the inland lakes, like placid, June-in -Winter and Jackson. Yer looking about a 1-1/2 to 2hr ride to go anywhere cool with fresh water where you can really Run it. I got some small lakes close by but not too much room to really let it eat.

    Mount Dora is a little closer to you and the Kissimee chain of lakes are cool too... Don'T do no closed cooling just keep her in fresh

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