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Thread: hey Rich!

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    hey Rich!

    I picked up a SS tube Bimini top for my old Tahiti The fit is perfect. I do want to replace the sunbrella fabric (its dark blu) but that will prolly have to wait until later in the year. What I do need is 4 straps made, I picked up 4 of the stainless adjuster plates, 4 of the snap hooks, and 4 of the eyelets all in SS. So what I would need is 1" black straps with my adjuster plates sewn in then the snap hooks and a loop to go around the tubing. any ballpark figure for the straps & a little sewing? You can PM how much you think. Thanks SMac
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    Re: hey Rich!

    Thanks for looking into this Rich. I went ahead and picked up the 1" black strap I needed and coaxed a local guy to sew them for me. I do have some laser etching I want done and will talk at you about it!
    It's Impossible to Lose Your Footing, If Your On Your Knees"

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    Re: hey Rich!

    give me a call 53O 748-544O

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