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Thread: Rattle noise in pump

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    Re: Rattle noise in pump

    A driveline issue should be easy enough to resolve with joints and/or slightly changing the position of the engine on the mounts.

    Yeah... I would guessthat it came with a flexplate. I know mine is a stock setup.

    BTW (and Attn Steve...) after I posted the info above about oil pressure and such, I read your reply n another thread about the oil you use and the additives. It reminded me that last year I added a can of STP because I read it had the zinc additives. It is VERY heavy stuf. I also used 3 Qs10w30 and 2 Q's 15w30 last year. That would account for the slightly higher oil pressure last year. I had forgotten...

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    Re: Rattle noise in pump

    That's why I use the valvoline racing
    Its ash less and high in zinc . I would have
    preferrer straight 30 ,but all i could find is 20/ 50.
    80 psi hot just seems high .

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    Re: Rattle noise in pump

    My engine idles hot right around 76 lbs. I'm using Castroll GTX 20-50 Racing oil and a K&N filter.
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    Re: Rattle noise in pump

    We just spent 5 days camping and the boat ran great. Hit a consistent 57 MPH which is our best at Ruth. Only one other time did the boat run that fast and I attributed it to low altitude at lake Mendocino. Not sure why it was running so good other than making sure the fuel filter was clean every day. We are getting a lot of varnish sand out of the tank this season. Nothing else was different since the last trip. Also could be better fuel I suppose. I am happy about it, but would like to know WHY it is running faster so I can repeat it.

    Anyway... as for oil pressure on the AMC, I dumped in a bottle of STP on Sunday and sure enough, my oil pressure was back to where it was last year. Although I have not had any issues with 10w/30, I think I will run a thicker oil next season just since so many of you seem to do so.

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