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Thread: Acronyms & Abbreviations

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    Acronyms & Abbreviations

    I have a new page I'm getting ready to post up :o

    [size=large]Lake/River/VJB acronyms[/size] ;D

    Those of us in NorCal in the Sac area know Camp Far West Lake as CFW
    Raider posted up a topic today about GMR. GMR?!?! What the heck is GMR and where is it?

    If you have a Lake/River/VJB acronym post it up here and I will add it to the page.

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    Re: Acronyms

    Many times, those of us near the sacramento river, or delta will just use the location of a ramp. Like heading out to Elkhorn (sac river launch ramp @ Elkhorn & Garden Highway, or Miller Park etc.
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