[size=large]In the image below you see "+ Additional Options", click on the "+" sign.[/size]

[size=large]After doing that you see more radio boxes like in the pic below. Also, a box appears that you can click on to attach a file.
Click on that and then browse your machine for the image you want to upload.
Look at the rules that go along with attachments:[/size]
[size=large]"Allowed file types: doc, gif, jpg, mpg, pdf, png, txt, zip[/size]
[size=large]Restrictions: 4 per post, maximum total size 2048KB, maximum individual size 2048KB"[/size]

[img width=600 height=415]http://www.vintagejetboats.com/Images/upload2[/img]

[size=large]I hope this helps...[/size]