Hi everyone, I am searching for some help with my ford 351 in my Glastron. It has a mechanical fuel pump with a glass bowl that says if fuel is present replace pump, i am not sure how to find the exact part i need. Also after I drained the bowl and went out a couple more times last year it never filled back up, (something to do with two diaphragms?) Also it has a holley 650 cfm carb with electric choke and vac secondaries, last year towards the end of the year it would crack open great the first pull of the day getting on plane, literally hear when the secondaries opened, but after the first or second pull it would just fall on its face and slowly get on plane, Could i have some sort of vacuum related issues? or would this be related to the fuel pump? I could get about 3600 rpms when its pulling hard but only 3200 or so when its dogging. berkely jet drive with pd. Thanks in advance, thinking of switching to a mechanical dual pumper, please let me know if you need more info. it has an old school mallory ignition system also.