Fired up the CV-23 yesterday (only the 2nd time this year). She was backfiring through the carb, running very rough. I checked timing, and at idle it was showing 40-60*, would promptly die at <30*.
I pulled the cap, and it and the rotor are shot. Rotor was riding way too high; coil tab is smashed into the rotor body, cap contact end is shredded. The distributor cap is worn above the 1/2 cut contacts, chewing up the plastic where the contacts come through.
Trying to determine if the Pertronix Ignitor II was the wrong kit, or if the distributor itself is shot.

Distributor is a Pretolite IBM-7025s, which I picked up NOS a few years ago to replace the non-marine dizzy the PO had installed. The dizzy shaft has no side play, but about 1/8" or more vertical play.
Ignitor II is part 91582, listed for the IBM-7019 and 7020 distributors. I found references to the 7025s being the same as the 7019/20 when I purchased the Pertronix kit, but that may be incorrect.

Dizzy? Wrong conversion kit?