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Thread: New owner with a panther pump - and I have no clue!

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    New owner with a panther pump - and I have no clue!

    OK, here's the dealio. Bought my first jet boat - 79 Tahiti. Previous owner pulled original engine, and istalled a mild 454. Engine was installed, bolted up, and that was it. That's how I bought it. None of the wiring was done, so I finished that. I went to adjust the valves, and in turning the motor over by hand, I can hear a grinding in the jet. So..... off I go to investigate.

    I could see inside the ??nozzel?? that there appeared to be some previous metal on metal contact. So, I removed the nozzel. I believe there is waaay too much slop in the ??impeller shaft??. The impeller will actually touch the aluminum housing. Where the impeller shaft goes into the nozzel housing, there must have been a bearing / bushing in there, well, that's long gone now!

    I stopped my dissassembly there, as I didn't have a 1 5/16" socket in order to pull the impeller.

    What are my options at this point? Am I totally up a creek? Do I replace this housing, or are there bushings / repair kits?

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    Re: New owner with a panther pump - and I have no clue!

    wow, looks like the tailshaft bushing (last picture} is worn, that is what causes the wear on the aluminum, on that stator housing. Panther used to offer a stator repair sleeve, that was many years ago. Once you get the impeller lock nut off, you may find the impeller, has gouged out the housing a bit as well. they used to make an aluminum/bronze sleeve, to fix the problem, and it helped a lot. But I think the best update/repair to Panthers, is a conversion. Tom at Jetboat Performance does. here is a link to info about it.
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    Re: New owner with a panther pump - and I have no clue!

    You could also contact panther jet they are in Southern California and get a parts list or rebuild list.

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