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Thread: Stuffin Box Dimension Verification

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    Stuffing Box Dimension Verification

    I was unable to get a good measurement of the stuffing box OD. I was able to get 2.085" and figure it is probably 2.125" which would make sense the shaft being 1.50" and assuming .3125" packing.

    Can anyone verify this?

    I am a dealer for a company that has special high performance packing that is cut very accurately, then die formed and shrink wrapped ready to install. The stuff you get from the parts houses have ragged ends, are butt cut and IMHO are in poor shape. They also keystone when installed creating pressure points where the rings meet thus creating wear points on the shaft. Once I verify the box diameter, I will order a couple of sets for myself, and if someone else wanted to try it, could send a set out. I will decide on the material soon but think that I will run a product that can basically be run dry and if installed on a good shaft would run for a ridiculously long time.

    Thank you in advance for any information or drawing...…………
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