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Thread: LS1 reversion question

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    LS1 reversion question

    A quick question for some of you more experienced engine guruís. I have a recently acquired all aluminum LS1. Iíd really like to swap it in place of my
    305/5.0mpi power plant/ Mercury Bravo that pushes my houseboat.
    This LS1 was free and in good running order. So Iíd really like to keep the cost down. I will be running cast aluminum wet exhaust manifolds similar to stock Mercruiser manifolds. This leads me to my question.

    Am I going to have a reversion issue?

    Cam specs:
    Int. Duration @ .050 - 198
    Exh. Duration @ .050 - 209
    Int. Lift - 0.498
    Exh. Lift - 0.497
    Lobe Seperation - 119.5



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    Re: LS1 reversion question

    Reversion will not be a problem with that cam and those stock exhaust manifolds. BUT, this Is advice coming from a shade tree grease monkey over the internet. Second opinions recommended.....Rich
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    Re: LS1 reversion question

    I’d trust you over most of the so called “experts” any day. Thanks for your response.

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    Re: LS1 reversion question

    I'd tend to agree. That 119.5 LSA typically means there isn't much overlap in the intake and exhaust valve cycles. Exhaust reversion happens when the intake opens before the exhaust has closed.

    Caveat: I have seen LS1s move debris from cylinder to cylinder in the INTAKE manifold, like if a piston failed you'd find pieces in other cylinders. This would indicate there is reversion on the intake side, but most engines have that. I doubt the exhaust reversion would be sufficient to pull water over the riser.
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