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    These are the Decals we have.
    (6)Dark Blue
    (7)Dark Blue
    (10)Light Blue
    (11)Light Blue
    (12)Lime Green
    (13)Lime Green
    (14)Medium Blue
    (15)Medium Blue
    (16)Dark Green
    (17)Dark Green
    (18)Dark Blue
    (23)Reflective Pump Sticker
    (24)Red Pump Sticker
    (25) Yellow and Blue Bumper Stickers.
    Vintagejetboats.com stickers in Silver, Light Green, & Black.(1 black left)
    They are $4 each.
    Shipping is $1 for 1-3, and $2 for 4-6.

    You can pay at paypal.me/drlndeb
    Remember to give me your address so i can mail them to you!

    Let me know what you want and paypal me the money or send me the money and i will mail them to you.


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    Re: DECALS

    Which ones are considered the pump stickers? Never mind, dumb question. I assume pictures show quantities available?
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    Re: DECALS

    Order placed, ignore my email.

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