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Thread: Metal flake Gelcoat repair?

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    Metal flake Gelcoat repair?

    Hey guys, just bought my first jet boat, a 1985 cimarron. Itís really clean for its age but does have some scratches and gouges. Iíve looked at a bunch of Gelcoat repair kits and they all seem to come in basic colors. My boat is red and silver with metal flake. What is the best way to repair? Should I just fill with clear Gelcoat? A couple scratches in the silver go down to red paint, can I touch up with silver automotive paint then put clear over top?

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    Re: Metal flake Gelcoat repair?

    This really depends on how perfect you want the repair to match. If you’ve not worked with flake before, I’d recommend finding a professional to do the work. There’s so many variables. Color and size of the flake itself. Matching the base color with the original and blending it all together is a true art. If all you want is to protect the underlying fiberglass then simply fill with clear gel. Putting any type of paint in a gouge is a major no no. Paint is not going to be compatible with the gel coat. FibreGlast.com sells an assortment of flake in different colors. Call them and ask for guidance. They truly know their stuff.

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    Re: Metal flake Gelcoat repair?

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    Re: Metal flake Gelcoat repair?

    Hi, my name is larry and i just picked up a 1985 cimarron with a 454 and a berkley pump, the guy i bought it from let it rot. It has some gelcoat issues along with some interior fiberglass cracks. Ive never been on a sight before can you pm me so i can ask you some tech questions.

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    Re: Metal flake Gelcoat repair?

    Sure, PM Sent but we’d prefer you ask your questions in your original post. This will benefit you along with others that may learn as you learn. Plus it allows others with more experience than me to offer their expertise as well.

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    Re: Metal flake Gelcoat repair?

    The cracks are in the fiberglass where it makes the transiton from motor stringer forward into hull stringer. Its not soft just cracked. After i fix it could i brace it with a custom metal bracket to strengthen it

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    Re: Metal flake Gelcoat repair?

    There are quite a few How To DIY Videos on You Tube and it appears to be a pretty simple, forgiving process. You can get Red Metal Flake in 2 sizes on Ebay. You can order clear Gel Coat, thinner and styrene wax from Fiberglast.com.

    Harbor Freight for the spray gun. Klingspor wood working for all the sand paper you would need.


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    Re: Metal flake Gelcoat repair?

    Is the spray gun the same for automotive paint, cause i have a few of those, just need a bigger compressor. Or should i get a hvlp system.
    Iwas thinking of doing a deep blue. If it work out i can redo the other boats ive picked up.

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    Re: Metal flake Gelcoat repair?

    The guns are definitely different. Much larger nozzles are the main thing. I have tried swapping a large nozzle to an ordinary automotive spray gun and it didn’t work. The guns looked the same but must be somewhat different internally. Buy a gun specifically for spraying gel coat from Fibreglast.com. They run not much over $100
    As for using any type of metal brackets to reinforce fiberglass, just don’t do it!!! Fix it right or don’t fix it at all. Fiberglass is designed to flex, metal is not. You’ll just end up with a whole bunch more cracks around your fasteners.

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    Re: Metal flake Gelcoat repair?

    Thanks for the info, dont want more problems, thats why i joined this page, so i can fix it right. I can fix big ships, used to work at a ship yard, now i build and repair all of the boats and dredges for The Corps of Engineers. So anything fiberglass im new to. Also found out one of my coworkers dad used to be big in jet drive mods out here in memphis. He and one of his partners actually designed an adjustible jet nozzle. Told him hes gonna be my new best friend. Thank you for the info, it is greatly appreciated.

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