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This really depends on how perfect you want the repair to match. If youíve not worked with flake before, Iíd recommend finding a professional to do the work. Thereís so many variables. Color and size of the flake itself. Matching the base color with the original and blending it all together is a true art. If all you want is to protect the underlying fiberglass then simply fill with clear gel. Putting any type of paint in a gouge is a major no no. Paint is not going to be compatible with the gel coat. FibreGlast.com sells an assortment of flake in different colors. Call them and ask for guidance. They truly know their stuff.
One of the local guy mentioned about their service, surprised how good they are! My buddy of mine might like their works, we just got to finish first the installation of the shocks and nexen tires on the current truck project and we'll start working on his Cimarron.