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Thread: The history of The Stupid Boat

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    The history of The Stupid Boat

    So Marcee says "Why do you spend so much time shining that boat?" Jason says "So it will look good sweety". She says "If you build it right, the only thing they will ever see is the back of it" ;-)))
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    Re: The history of The Stupid Boat

    at the Lake Powell Challenge, Deb took the ladies for a spirited ride, in my Tahiti cruiser, Marcee, has an accurate perspective, I believe.
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    Re: The history of The Stupid Boat

    So Marcee, who was never very good at math all of the sudden turns into Einstein when it comes to dollar per second to run the "The Stupid Boat". She nailed it down to the penny.....but bless her heart she hasn't figured out how to spell For Sale yet!
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