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Thread: Thermostat?

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    Having my 460 built to a Marine Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	19673528cid Stroker by Barnett racing. With the jet drive providing cooling to the motor so do you run a thermostat like you would in auto application ? These pic fr earlier last year motor at Barnett now so I'm doing research. With this much money invested please explain proper cooling. Thanks so much. Sleekcraft Streaker

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    Re: Thermostat?

    I have this 4 port bypass setup on one of my boats . It keeps the engine in the 160 deg range all the time even in 34deg water .

    scroll down the ford stuff is at the bottom part of the page. My not work with the big hei distributor.

    A pressure release valve is very important , The ford 460 does not like a lot of cooling system pressure . I like to keep it under 13 psi .
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    Re: Thermostat?

    On any given day of boating my oil temps will be 210 ish....my water temp wont move off rock bottom unless at a long idle. IMO water temp is almost irrelevant. If I did add a thermostat it would drive my oil temps higher than desired. This debate has probably been discussed/argued more than any other single topic. No thermostat for this guy.

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    Re: Thermostat?

    No thermostat in my BBF, no way. Like Kreg said oil temp is the factor. Optimum is around 180 to 210
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    Re: Thermostat?

    Old Blue has a thermostat and it runs 155 water temp and 210 oil temp cruzing for hours. After10-20 minutes at 4700 RPM (all in with AA) the water is 160ish oil is 230ish. Idle is 155 water oil 185ish. Great luck with mine. Johnf

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    Re: Thermostat?

    I don't run one on the current BBF, but did run one on my last jet (454) and it worked great. Just make sure you use a system designed for the application.
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    Re: Thermostat?

    The reason to run a thermostat, or not. Is going to depend on what the assembled clearances in the Build are. Cold block build (no t-stat) large main and rod clearances, larger bore clearances for ring and piston growth. thicker viscosity oil, The rotating components and oil get rid of most the engines heat. Oil cooler and larger oil pan recommended. Warm block build, run thinner oil, tighter clearances, marine bypass thermostat, regulate cooling system pressure. this type is also more prone to detonation, watch your compression and timing.
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    Re: Thermostat?

    I ran my ford powered boat without a thermostat for a while . But I was always messing with the gate valve .
    The stock panther 460 has a devider in the water neck and you can't fit a t stat .
    I milled out the housing and fit a 160 deg. T stat with two 0.1875" holes drilled in it for some flow all the time .
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