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Thread: FUEL Tank Position

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    FUEL Tank Position

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ID:	19600Youguys are super help getting my 76 Sleekcraft w/460 roosting better than ever. Going more HP next yr. Never enough hp right... Safety and performance question for you. Iam having her hull stripped and gelcoated top to bottom, dropping off at Fastglassfiberglass Lebonon Tn. OK now issue, I have 2 12 gal. fuel tanks prt and star board aft. I see and smell fuel residue underneath trailer on port side. Zero in bilge. Assuming between tank and hull? If so would it be better to remove tanks and install new tanks in the bow. For more weight up front?. Let me know Thought if going to change tankswant to do it as right as a jetboat guy can. LOL Thanks for everything.
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    Re: FUEL Tank Position

    You'd sure hate to mess up the gains you've made, personally I'd put tanks back in original position.
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    Re: FUEL Tank Position

    I own 2 jet boats, one with a single tank in the bow (20 gallons). The other has two rear side tanks (20 gallons each). Both ride pretty much as good as possible. This is a tough one because so much depends on how the boat rides as it is. Based on your previous issues, I'd be inclined to try a tank up front. But a simple test with weight up front and near empty tanks in the rear would help you determine the best solution. I can say 24 gallons of fuel really isn't enough for a day on the water, especially with our thirsty engines. Maybe you could simply add a third bow tank.
    Either way you absolutely need to figure out the fume issue. Double check every hose and clamp even on the fill tube to deck fitting. Don't forget the vent lines. If you can't find the source, pull the tanks and pressure test them. This is one issue that everyone here will agree is extremely dangerous. I have experienced 2 minor boat fires in my life. Let me tell you, there's nothing minor about a boat fire.

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    Re: FUEL Tank Position

    My Sleek is very similar to yours and trust me, you don't want a bow tank. All it will do is make the boat run wetter and robb performance. The Sleek bottoms were designed for weight in the stern, fix originals and make some noise!
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    Re: FUEL Tank Position

    Quote Originally Posted by dave flynn View Post
    . I see and smell fuel residue underneath trailer on port side. Zero in bilge. Assuming between tank and hull? Thanks for everything.

    Can the fumes be coming from an outside vent?
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