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    Keel guard

    Ok guys with my deep approach on my boat my keel gets beach rash a lot. I painted it a couple years ago and its wore through. I was thinking of trying one of those gator keel guards. Any thoughts on them. My boat isn't super fast but I don't know if it would slow it down. Don't know if would hurt or not. I won't put it all the way up to the bow eye but just cover wear the gel and paint get wore.

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    Re: Keel guard

    Well, yes I've used the Keel guard. When I first moved Florida yrs ago, we bought a brand spanking new Regal 2450 LSC stepped hull curry. It was well over $55k and I wanted to protect the investment from damage. Florida as a whole is shallow waters. Really shallow!!! I put on the keel guard and it worked perfectly as advertised. BUT....it scrubbed off about 4-5 mph!! Yes it does work and if installed exactly as instructed it stays put. But I will also tell you if you ever decide that you want to remove it... bring your 'A' game!! Or an 18 yr old son with buff arms!! That sucker is on there with some of the best 3M double sided tape you've ever seen. It took almost 5 full hrs getting it off!! It's worth the price no question but you have to really want it as a permanent part of the hull. I'm pretty sure it's also paintable too, but go online to contact KeelGard for that info. Good luck and let us know if you go that route? Be blessed, Dean.
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