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    Trim Shim

    Shimmed ride plate, Totally temporary, The ride plate was actually angled upward off the back of the boat. Now its about a degree down. Should I go more extreme if nessessary or add tabs when they come in. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	19524 Maybe this will help with the porpoising. Have not test run. Am I going right direction? I did order SLT10 Bennett Tabs. Do you I can go wrong with that. Like I said just want to get flat and shoot roost. Thanks for all your help.

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    Re: Trim Shim

    Hey Dave,
    Well, your headed in the right direction thats for sure. As I have said several times, start out at about 2.0* downward at the heel (rearward end of the rideplate) and see how she handles, in all areas. If its still violently bouncing along, put it down another 2*. Remember, you can always back it off, but first you need to get that bow planted in the water. And yes, this is going to scrub off some speed here. But not enough to sweat the poor and dangerous handling. I am very much inclined to agree with Kreg on the droop snoot. If after 4-5 degrees negative angle, if its still bouncing, time to pull the snoot. If your after bridge height roost, you can always make other mods to achieve that, but just remember, good ol Newtons Laws, for every action, theres an opposite and equal re-action!!! Start slow, take your straight edge or better yet, at Home Depot but a 4ft piece of 3/4 or 1" square tubing, because they are super light, and straight. Use the tubing to measure against a Stanley/General protractor/angle finder. I have an 8 ft long square I've had for about 6 yrs, but I am a annul retentive CNC Machinist too. You'll get there, just record everything you change and ONLY change 1 thing at a time. This way you know what works and what doesn't. Good luck. **PS, Just my personal opinion of Bennet trim products, is they are not ever close to the quality of the Lenco Trim tabs. I replaced even the Keikeifer Racing tabs on my 33 ft Formula Offshore Sportboat I had in Florida with the Lenco tabs and motors, because the Lenco's are reliable and accurate! Same with my Biesemeyer too!!! JMHO...Dean.
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    Re: Trim Shim

    Only because you asked, I am not a fan of the self leveling trim tabs. But I am a bit of a control freak.

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    Re: Trim Shim

    I have personally never heard of any one shimming a ride plate down.....your not out anything but a little time to try.
    In the pic it appears to still be a couple degrees up.

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    Re: Trim Shim

    Keeps up on any progress there Dave....
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