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Thread: Trim Tabs 76 SLEEK

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    Trim Tabs 76 SLEEK

    Since Ive Changed jetavater, Berk rebuild, tried droop with ride plate and diverter, and still porpoise crazy when I go 3-4 notches up on manual diverter, thought I would try SLT10 Bennett trim tabs. Give me your thoughts. I understand my 20 ft sleek will never be speed demon but really want awesome roost and very minimal porpoise. I said before I will be having hull bottom gone over this end of season. Don't know how that will affect. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	19522That Pic my my girl took. It definitely not full speed, I was testing diverter and it about tossed her out of the boat Started porpoising immediately. Let me know thoughts on trim tabs. Thank all you guys so much. I would respond to some of your advice but I try hit quick reply and it goes back to me. Or I would have responded to the trim tab advice.

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    Re: Trim Tabs 76 SLEEK

    Having fixed hook in a hull I can say it's no easy task. Fixing bow or rocker will be next to impossible. You'll be surprised how big of an impact tabs will have. I also agree with Dean in that my ride plate is adjustable. You should try shimming yours down first. May be just what the doctor ordered and costs nothing to try. Anything you do to change the angle of attack of the hull to the water will help. Basically when you roost you're trying to force the bow up. You need to counter that force and find the balance between the two forces. An easy test is throw 100lbs way up in the bow and see the difference. Remember for every degree you bring the bow down you bring your roost up. If you get the bow too low she's gonna ride rough in even light chop. Plus things can get squirrelly if the bow drags too much.

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    Re: Trim Tabs 76 SLEEK

    I assume if you have a ride plate you have a show and a loader....although hi tech make a bolt on ride plate.
    Another thing that will make a boat hop is overcharging the intake....too much shoe and or loader.
    After tapping my intake for pressure readings I had to take a ton of loader out of it. And took my shoe from about a 1/4" up in the hole to about 1/8" below.
    I would be surprised if 86 ing the droop didnt fix it....and it may take a combo of that and a ride plate.
    If you still have the old piece loosing the droop and the ride plate will be cheap/free experiments.

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    Re: Trim Tabs 76 SLEEK


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    Re: Trim Tabs 76 SLEEK

    Duane at hi tech performance makes a straight snoot.. And my Jr. Executive will porpoise real bad if I put the jet all the way up, it will quit if I back it off a touch...He claims a daycruiser will pick up speed with the straight snoot

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    Re: Trim Tabs 76 SLEEK

    I wouldn't drill any new holes into the transom unless all other options have been proven to be the problem. Ride plates are very adjustable and are your friend! The bonus is if you find out you don't need a snoot at all they still sell for cash for other boat parts! The slippery slope you have started down can get very expensive trying to experiment. The old school way for a jaw dropping rooster involved grinders, files and an iron back. Every hull is different just make a base line with yours and tweek from there, but ultimately it will come down to performance vs show. Only very rich people can get both LOL
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