I have the first and Origanal set of my own branded Mufflers for sale with the stainless 4" ID tube tips 26" overall length, easily clears most swim platforms together. I normally sell the Mufflers alone at $395. a set including shipping to your door. I am trying to reduce the amount of 'stuff' (aka-clutter) in the warehouse. I am very happy with how well these worked, and the performance is truly awesome. From all the feed back Ihave collected these will drop the overall sound levels down 17-20 db's on avg. without any mods at all to jetting or water flow increase. Your smilage may very, depending on who is in the boat. The beauty of these is if you want to 'loosen' it up, (1) 1/4-20" SSTL bolt comes out and they slide straight out. Time to quiet it down again, slide 'em back in install the bolt. Done. I'll include the T-band clamps that hold the on. $30 value. You will not see this deal again. Its a one time shot!! Several guys on this site have them and absolutely love them, but most their wives and kids do too!! Take advantage now of a terrific deal. Cash or Pay Pal ONLY. NO checks, sorry. Pls reply, or send me a PM if your serious. I now have a Patent Pending and these are copyrighted and Trade marked. Asking $350. For the set includes shipping. Dean.
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