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Thread: It's Never Easy....Project Biesemeyer!!

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    It's Never Easy....Project Biesemeyer!!

    Hello Dudes and Dudettes,
    Yea, Still can't shake off the Surfer in me. I have had the '80 Biesemeyer (Amazing Grace VIII )laid-up, well for awhile now. My drama project all started when I decided to unplug and then threw away a stupid little red box about the size of a pack of cigarettes!! Turns out this box was an old skool after market 'sniffer' for bilge fumes. They were never popular, because they failed allot. So did mine. But here where everything took a hard left on me. Even though it failed, it completed the circuitry to allow the motors to run!!! UGH!!!My dumb butt tossed it into the kitchen trash, never even thinking it was still useful. So, that being said I now am where I am.... I bought about 1900 linear feet of proper color coded marine wire copper-tinned 14 gage and others too, depending on what it supplies power to. This is all great, until last June, I tear my biceps in my right arm(Y'all reamaber that)
    , wish me luck, oh and Prayers are always welcome too!! Thx, Dean. I am posting on my You Tube page: ProfabDesigns and will include the links after an update. Pls subscribe to my page and pls offer any comments(less any profanity of course) and yes even you too Grace!!! Dad Loves you... :-}
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    Re: It's Never Easy....Project Biesemeyer!!

    Ok, I guess I forgot to upload the others too...
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    Re: It's Never Easy....Project Biesemeyer!!

    Here is the link to my YouTube channel. If you like it, hit the like or better yet Subscribe button. if you click on the 'bell' icon, it will remind you when there is a update on my status. Thanks everyone. Be blessed, Dean.

    I guess putting in the link here may have helped....
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    Re: It's Never Easy....Project Biesemeyer!!

    Now now is the time to mod it to twin jet .
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    Re: It's Never Easy....Project Biesemeyer!!

    Quote Originally Posted by 76 marlin dolphin View Post
    Now now is the time to mod it to twin jet .
    Hey Brendan,
    yep still considering it. Just that this float is valued pretty high as it is all original and only has 165 hrs on OEM motors/drives. Survey says in the high $60'k mark. Only 4 built, its the last one. But i would like to if the drives ever let loose. Already had Harold at R&D Marine take a look at a one off dual engine/dual jet. Be about $13.5k for everything. Technically it will a quad jet. Zoom zoom!!
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