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Thread: Let's talk realistic speeds.

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    Re: Let's talk realistic speeds.

    I think he's talking about 5200 marine sealant. never used it before myself, but I've heard of it. Not sure if it will work in that application, but hey, i'd try anything 3 times.

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    Re: Let's talk realistic speeds.

    Quote Originally Posted by wardjr View Post
    Is 67mph a real number? To me that is how it should work. A certain RPM should equal a particular speed. I realize weight and hull design will change that some. This boat is light and feels very smooth on the water. While under way there seems to be little resistance compared to my Tahiti. There's no foam and I am also a little guy so weight is not a concern. This engine was built by the same guy that does Laddie's engines, for what ever that's worth. The important thing is that it's a very nice boat and we are having a lot of fun with it.
    Like Kreg was saying, how the pump is set up also is taken into consideration. A lot of people think that the pump all the way up will give you top speed. In my 21' cruiser, that was the case. The higher the bow rose, the faster she would run. The angle of your pump and nozzle may be different from mine. You might have to play with trim to see where you are. If your trim is all the way up and it's actually pushing the stern down, you're losing speed. Or maybe yours isn't trimming enough. Might need to put some wedge into it. Some of the drag boat guys trim to 3/4 to get the right trim. But then a lot of them are running wedges and droops.
    But as long as you're having fun with it!!!
    ****Disclaimer - I'm far from being an expert so you may want a second opinion!****

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