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Thread: Vintage Jet Boats Forum Updating

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    Re: Vintage Jet Boats Forum Updating

    Quote Originally Posted by wardjr View Post
    No errors on my end other than the update downtime. Maybe you have an illness, um... I mean virus. Yeah, that's it.
    Need a computer condom I cleared my cookies/history and that took care of the deceptive dealio.

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    Re: Vintage Jet Boats Forum Updating

    The updates have not been done yet...
    I don't believe there is a virus, I think it's just Google's new protocol that sees this site asking for info like your address, etc and thinks it's phishing...

    The last few weeks have been a little hectic around here...
    Flew my grandson and daughter down from CO fo his 4th birthday...
    My great niece Mikella lost a 20 month battle with cancer at age 25, had to got to TX for this...

    Hopefully this week I can get going on these upgrades again and get past this...
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    Re: Vintage Jet Boats Forum Updating

    You'll be in my prayers brother, sorry to hear all the loss, hang in ther ok? We're all here for you too, Dean.
    AG6= Amazing Grace VI *

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    Re: Vintage Jet Boats Forum Updating

    Wow sorry to hear David I guess im not on here enough to know whats going on sorry
    I haven't noticed any proublems with the site when I just come on to see what's new

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    Re: Vintage Jet Boats Forum Updating

    Hi, It's very fun moment in my life when I did boating the first time.

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