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Thread: Stringer mounted place diverter handle question.

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    Stringer mounted place diverter handle question.

    Received the place diverter for the Eliminator today!! Woohoo!!!
    I ordered the polished stringer mounted controls and want to know if I should use the supplied wood screws, or should I drill and thru-bolt the handle for extra strength/support? My gut tells me that the wood screws are a disaster waiting to happen. What do you think?


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    Re: Stringer mounted place diverter handle question.

    Well, I guess whose bare feet are in the danger zone? Pretty sure that is an example of a first world problem. LOL I would put the nut and 3 threads to the passanger side. Use 316 stainless fasteners. I am not a big fan of lag bolts but they do seem to stay in fiberglass, a little sillycone also makes a gasket. And if you aren't yet nut and bolt inspect your VJB regularly, shit loosens!!!!
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    Re: Stringer mounted place diverter handle question.

    I'd bolt thru the stringer and use stringer washers or a plate of the other side of the handle.
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    Re: Stringer mounted place diverter handle question.

    I strongly recommend thru bolting with SSTL WITH NYLOK nuts. After you drill the holes, mix up some 5 minute epoxy, use a small paint brush(kids type) brush it in the wood. You have to seal up the wood!!!!
    Then bolt her up. Don't over tighten, use it then go back and retighten. IMHO
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