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Thread: VJB Nicknames

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    VJB Nicknames

    So Dean was hiking through the Redwood Forest in California before it was gone. It was a glorious day and he was awe struck by the majesty of the giant trees. As he passed down the trail he saw a hippy with his arms wrapped around a baby tree with his ear pressed firmly around the trunk. Dean watched for a while until the hippy got up and brushed off his knees. "What are you doing?" he asked, " You looked like it was speaking to you." "OH! It was!!!!!" the hippy exclaimed. "You just have to listen and these trees will tell you wisdom beyond our comprehension. You should try it, it has been a life changer for me dude." Dean was a little skeptickle but was curious so he kneeled down and wrapped his arms around the tree, then stuck his ear up to the trunk. All he heard was the hippy wrapping hand cuffs around his wrists. Then the hippy stole his pants, wallet, socks/shoes, watch and glasses and took off down the trail. Poor Dean was stuck there for close to 2hrs before a whole group of hippies came walking down the trail. "HELP!!" he hollered. The group of them rushed over and asked what happened. Dean told them relieved to be rescued. The hippies talked amongst themselves for a moment then the dirtiest one came over, stroked Deans head and said "Guess this isn't your day Cupcake...."
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