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Thread: Engine covers or sun decks

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    Engine covers or sun decks

    Can anyone post some pics of engine covers? Maybe some as they were built? I have a Kona daycruiser that has one that is very simple, just plywood with upholstery. But, it sits on top oof the edge of the boat, and does not look "finished", . Iwould rather redo it and make it flush with the edge of the boat.

    This will lower it a bit, and will force me to build a scoop, or install a fiberglass scoop, as my carb is almost touching the cover now.

    Just looking for ideas.
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    Re: Engine covers or sun decks

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    Re: Engine covers or sun decks

    Quote Originally Posted by "THE ADVOCATE" View Post
    i believe this is how it was originally. The person who owned it before me changed it to a full engine cover. I want to keep it with a full cover.

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    Re: Engine covers or sun decks

    here is mine on my Kona. was done by another but functions well. fiberglass scoop. worm drive lift.

    lets see more pics of yours

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    Re: Engine covers or sun decks

    Hey HydroHaulic! You and I are friends on Facebook, lol!! Yours is exactly what I want to do, Im looking for ideas of how to build it. To me, your Kona has just the look of the engine cover that I want.

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    Re: Engine covers or sun decks

    sweet... it appears to be a 2x4 frame with cross members around the hood. maybe .5" plywood top and upholstered all around. held on the rear with 2 hinges. and the screw lift below... rests in the front on the rear seat back on a 2" ledge to match height of seat and top of cover...

    seems fairly easy to measure up and getrdun...

    good luck and keep us posted

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