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Thread: Red Rooster :: 1977 GMC Cobra Jet Night Fire

  1. General Information
    Red Rooster
    Cobra Jet Night Fire
    Currently black and faded gold
    Olds 403; Jetovator

    Bought this boat from a guy here in Rockford. His grandfather owned it since 2001. It is a 1977 GMC Cobra Jet with a 403 Olds. engine with Berkeley Jet Drive. This was the most common boat produced by Cobra Jet in the 70s. The plan is to give it a complete restoration, where it will be painted candy apple red with either a white or silver stripe where the orange/gold is.


    Night Fire color scheme.

    Metal flake black w/ orange/gold metal flake stripe.


    Tan interior.


    None at the moment.


    Oldsmobile 403


    Berkeley Jet Drive JC-A w/ Jetovator


    Easy Trail Trailer

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