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Thread: Lake of the ozarks shootout

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    Lake of the ozarks shootout

    anybody ever been to the lake of the ozarks shootout in Missouri in august? me and my brother where thinking of bringing our boats down there next year. but we'd like to know some more info, like where is some camping spots, what do we do with our trucks and trailers after putting the boats in the water. we know of scallywag's RV park. which is probably the closes spot to all the action. but it doesn't look like there is anywhere to park. so if anybody has been down there and knows the layout, let me know. we don't want to make the trip all the way from Minnesota with our boats if we have no where to put them. thanks guys

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    Re: Lake of the ozarks shootout

    Never been, but from what I can gather they charge for parking and probably launching the boat. Chingow it looks crowded!

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    Re: Lake of the ozarks shootout

    I would say, looking at the above pic, if you are going and planning on camping somewhere, you may have already passed the time to make any reservations. I googled scalleywags RV resort and they have camping there. I'd call and talk to the operators of the resort and get advice from them quick.

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    Re: Lake of the ozarks shootout

    doesn't it look awesome!!! we'll figure something out i guess. we'll just have to call around and see what we can find. was just hoping for some insight. thanks guys

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