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Thread: re-use fuel/water filter separator?

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    re-use fuel/water filter separator?

    so still working on my new to me jet boat...

    having fuel/tank/lines/pump issues... yes all of those

    so replaced all lines and fittings, new mechanical pump coming...

    trying to clean inaccessible tanks... so when i got it i sucked out all the old fuel, added seafoam and non-ethanol 90.... have run thru 40 gallons but last out lost fuel pressure and delivery..

    think the problem was the garbage pretty blue fuel lines had an inner liner which i think collapsed...replaced

    anyway main question... i am circulating the fuel thru the filter/separator back into the tank with a transfer pump.

    can i dump / dry and re-use this filter? not much debris, mostly water and old fuel settled on bottom...

    thanks in advance!

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    Re: re-use fuel/water filter separator?

    Hey Jon,
    Well, far as I'm concerned you can do whatever you like... But I wouldn't do it and here's why. Consider it like this, you know you've had known contamination issue recently, is it worth the $7-12 bucks, to maintain your your sanity, and have a fun time out with friends and or family? Just a matter of perspective I suppose... I buy the best products available, within my budget. Save yourself the agrivation and possibly embarrassment of being towed in, or worse yet, a collision from loss of power(control). Buy the best thing within your own budget. I've also had an issue with that cool blue fuel line with the clear inner liner. If you bought it at West marine, return it and they should give your back? Supposedly they are aware of this and have been sued over it.
    AG6= Amazing Grace VI *

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    Re: re-use fuel/water filter separator?

    Hey AG6... i dont know who Jon is? I'm Brian...lol does my boat look familiar and you know the owner Jon?

    anyway... my intent was for circulating the fuel thru the filter back into tank for cleaning purposes... wondering if the media wet with water would work after dumping and drying...

    I did it anyway, fuel flowed fine after reuse.. circulated both tanks with the new fuel line... last dump of filter was clean and no water....

    new mechanical fuel pump comes tomorrow (hopefully) and a new filter/separator to put on before running thru engine and a spare filter to keep on board...

    never intended to re-use the filter thru the engine or while running... but thank you for responding, i totally agree with you!

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    Re: re-use fuel/water filter separator?

    Sorry Brian,
    Yes I mistakenly thought you were another Fellow VJB in Sarasota. Just trying to be friendly to you also.. I do hope my $.02 was indeed helpful?
    If I can be of any help, pls let me know? I do on occasion make my way west, maybe we can meet up???? Dean
    AG6= Amazing Grace VI *

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