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Thread: 4 degree wedge

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    Re: 4 degree wedge

    Yeah, that's the one I have. I have a nozzle reducer too. Do those work as advertised or a gimmick? Seems to me that the theory is sound. Does anyone have a rudder they want to sell? Jeff

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    Re: 4 degree wedge

    Rudder, you don't need no stinkin' rudder.... Steer with the throttle.

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    Re: 4 degree wedge

    Lol, that's fine until you are in the middle of a hard turn and the engine stalls sending your 21 foot Taylor daycruiser half way up an earthen dam. True story!

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    Re: 4 degree wedge

    I have no experience with reducers. Guess the ' no rudder' thing didn't pan out so well? Doh!!!
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    Re: 4 degree wedge

    That would suck for sure. Makes me wonder how much a rudder would have helped in an instant power loss situation like that.

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    Re: 4 degree wedge

    Not much....
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    Re: 4 degree wedge

    The boat walked away like a champ but I agree with T8er, the rudder wouldn't have helped much.

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