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Thread: My other expensive hobby

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    My other expensive hobby

    Video is from PBIR a few years ago when I lived in Delray Beach Florida


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    Re: My other expensive hobby

    pretty good et's there!
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    Re: My other expensive hobby

    Actually it is .78 seconds faster than my safety equipment allows. Convertibles require a full cage @ 10.99 unlike Hardtops which can go 10.00 with the same rollbar I have. Can't bring myself to cage it so the drivetrain will eventually end up in a late 70's Mercury Zephyr Z-7 or Ford Fairmont Futura if/when I can find one for sale. Then I will set it on "kill" and let it eat.
    Need to faceplate/pro-shift the TKO 5 spd so I can actually shift it at 8200 like it's built for and not short shift it @ 6500 like in the video.

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    Re: My other expensive hobby

    Nice!! I can relate to the "Other expensive hobby" I have a 66 GT that runs 12.9. Just a street car but I have taken it out to the track a few times just to see what it will do.
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    Re: My other expensive hobby

    Beautiful !! I have always loved that color Mustang
    My first car (which I bought when I was 14) was a 1966 Mustang coupe w/200 c.i. 6 cyl. I wanted to have it painted the same color as yours instead of the factory Springtime Yellow which looked like crap to a 14 year old kid. LOL

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    Re: My other expensive hobby

    that thing is moving!! i love how well fox body's 60'. I've had two fox's but keep going back to f-bodies. I'm trying to finish my 99Z28 that is getting a lq9/th400 and hopefully a S480

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    Re: My other expensive hobby

    I missed the brake pedal after dumping the clutch during the burnout. So I didn't get enough heat into the tires. A 5spd with no line lock can make the burnout tricky lol
    The 60ft on that pass was a 1.42 on a 10" slick
    Here is the video with the pathetic burnout

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    Re: My other expensive hobby

    I also have a '65 coupe road racer, 331, toploader, 2800 lbs. owned it for 34 yrs.

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    Re: My other expensive hobby

    Beautiful car! Shifting a beast like that takes some serious skill!

    Looks a lot like my buddy Tony's who also lives in Florida... Orlando area IIRC. His is turbo and knocking on 8's door. Not sure if he's hit it yet but I know he's gone 9.0x.

    My own personal "other expensive hobby" is also my namesake... a turbo'd '89 GT. Best ET was 9.46 @ 146 with a 1.46 60'. Was so odd all the times ended in 46! That was on 10# of boost creeping to 12#. Our track closed before I could turn it up. Goal was to try and plant 25# on a small 10.5 tire but never got a chance to get there.

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