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Thread: 1971 Hondo ?

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    glass hull with a wooden deck

    just bought it from the family of deceased second owner who bought it when it was about a year old then brought it from calf to ok . he passed suddenly and it's been sittin since about 08'


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    Re: 1971 Hondo ?

    my first jet boat can 't seem to find much info on it . don't know what model it is ... has a wooden deck . not a flat bottom . sorry about crapy pics (out of town working ) only ones I had on my phone . promise i'll get some proper pics that show better details when I get home in a couple days. any info that any of you guys that actually have knowledge and wisdom on such matters would be extremely exciting to hear.

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    Re: 1971 Hondo ?

    neat looking boat. look forward to more pictures
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