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Thread: missing summer already

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    Re: missing summer already

    Hi Gang,
    The family's in D.C. until tonight. We flew up for Grace's monthly Lyme disease appt. Thurs night and was delayed over 8 hrs from a storm at JFK. Yikes is it cold here today!!! 34* this morning, and I'm still wearing shorts and a t-shirt.!!! But I brought a long sleeve t-shirt. It's so funny to see people bundled up like the Canadians. Even in Florida the last 2 weeks, it been recorded high temperatures of highs 80's to low 90's. To be honest I'm so tired of the stupid heat! I just hope we don't get delayed leaving because of a snow storm in chicago moving west today.
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    Re: missing summer already

    Suck it up Dean. Glad your daughter is doing well! Now bring her fishing without an ice auger and ice shack.
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