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Thread: 95 Ford Exploder

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    Re: 95 Ford Exploder

    Its all good Rich. LOL. My daughter liked it because it was a lot better than walking. But she would bring up (quite often) that her ride was referred to as the NUT truck and then tell me about all of the BMWs, Audis and Range Rovers in the school parking lot.
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    Re: 95 Ford Exploder

    Kids these days, they have no idea how good they have it. Most of them wouldn't be caught dead in a Dodge Omni or a Volkswagen rabbit, ahh the good ol days.

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    Re: 95 Ford Exploder

    My first ride was a 1948 pontiac i bought in 1964 with money saved from a summer job. I found it in a barn in menlo park ca. Paid an old gentleman $75 for it. Mohair seats and a straight flat head 8 cylinder. Those were the days.

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