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Karsten! Cancel that 600cfm order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fords love fuel and air and in abundance. Worse case scenario I have 3 660's that you can kit and save some money. Anyway back to the local program not sure on 403 Mopar. BUT, these motors don't run like cars. You are looking for max RPM. They never change gears is kinda the deal, thus they need more carb. I don't know how your boat is set up Pop but do you have a preference for mech advance vs vacuum? Send some picks of the motor and pump with exhaust views as well. That's the only way to get a base line opinion right or wrong on what you need. LOL
Thanks for the heads up and straightening me out. I guess calling a Auto Parts shop for marine parts isn't such a great idea after all. I don't know anything about a BBF as I don't do anything Ford back in my days of wasting money on cars.