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Thread: '73 Tahiti restoration

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    Re: '73 Tahiti restoration

    I have read it all, that's my concern. We fixed the drain back issues.

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    Re: '73 Tahiti restoration

    I'm going to guess the stand time did it. My brother had a guy who rebuilt his carb trying to adjust the carb on the trailer and when he put it on the water the next day "thump".(455) Also I would run 20w50 oil. The other thing to check is all your water lines from the pump forward and if your running logs ditch the bypass.
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    Re: '73 Tahiti restoration

    Boat porn for those of you into that sort of thing.

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    Re: '73 Tahiti restoration

    Quote Originally Posted by wardjr View Post

    Boat porn for those of you into that sort of thing.
    Oh I am into it, but C'mon Bob!!! It that all you got, its too short (betting you heard that before huh?) Sound awesome !!!
    and for a bonus this time, it stayed running...Luv Ya' Bro, Dean
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