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Thread: Motivated Seller

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    Motivated Seller

    I'm looking at another cruiser to add to my collection. I contacted the listing seller who is an agent for the owner. The agent said the seller is very motivated due to a pending divorce & an out of state move. The boat comes with a three axle trailer that needs new tires, maybe brakes too. Also it's an out of state purchase.

    My question is how low off the asking price do I offer if the boat is up to my standard?

    BTW he is asking $8, 000 over NADA value. Thanks....-Rich

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    Re: Motivated Seller

    This probably isn't the correct answer but if it were me I'd hit way low since they are way high. You can always go up.
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    Re: Motivated Seller

    I hate boat brokers. I tried to buy a parts boat from one (or actually I only needed 2 parts from it!) and was pretty much going to have to cut up both the boat and trailer on my dime. The guy wouldn't even dicker on his price. "Nope that's a $4500 boat all day! Jet boats really keep their value blah blah blah." It was a junk cruiser rotted out with severe damage to floors and interior. I wanted the E-pump for a core and something else, I can't even remember. That boat stayed on the local classifieds for almost 14months LOL. $8,000 over NADA sounds like they are trolling.
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    Re: Motivated Seller

    Hi Rich,
    just my .02 cents, but 9 out of 10 times brokers get involved is due too hidden issues you don't see...ask the seller to do a survey, offer to split the cost regardless if you buy it. If he says no way, then walk away. Remember the broker has to sell that boat to eat, but you have to buy it, just sayin. Let us know how things go. Dean
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