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Thread: Help ID my new "barn find"

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    Re: Help ID my new "barn find"

    Quote Originally Posted by Timmy View Post
    it might be just me, but it looks like all the fiberglass was cut off that that deck. i don't think i'v ever seen anything like that. could you verify this?
    I'm not 100% sure what you are asking here? Nothing seems odd about the way the boat was constructed, we just don't know what it is. No ID or markings other than the name

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    Re: Help ID my new "barn find"

    Quote Originally Posted by Xerophobic View Post
    I've been going to California for three years now at xmas to do a lil hang gliding and look for some nice California style jetboats. This year I ended up stumbling upon a real once in a lifetime deal. A craigslist ad lead me to a marine rigged 460 for $250 which sat in a wood deck Vdrive hull on a tandem trailer but the seller, helping someone else sell some things, said the hull was "toast". Needless to say after seeing pictures I agreed to purchase this boat on the spot. (I was still in Canada at that time) I was also informed they had a second boat stored indoors for some 12 years which was "not advertised yet" I ended up buying that boat as well as soon as I discovered it was also a 460 ford boat and a Southwind Tunnel Dragster!

    I'm curious if anyone may have any insight into the wood deck Vdrive and what it may be? The name on the boat is "EZ Duzit II" as seen in the pictures. Best we can figure is mid 60's and maybe a Mandella? I haven't had time to get into the boat in depth yet but if its possible I would definitely like to restore the boat, right hand drive and all ;)

    If there are no numbers on the rear transom, top right side usually, it's going to be hard unless there is some info on the paperwork with the boat. a lot of boats back in the day were copied by a lot of different boat builders. looks like you have a nice v-drive project and a dream swtd for most of us jet heads

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    Re: Help ID my new "barn find"

    No definitely no numbers in the obvious places. I will be stripping the hull sometime in the next while and can have a much closer look. Its my understanding traditional HIN #'s weren't used till the 70's and this is earlier than that for sure.

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