• 2014 VintageJetBoats.com Background of the Month

    2014 VintageJetBoats.com Background of the Month
    January |
    February | Photo by 78_Tahiti - Roost by 454 blue boat
    March | Eliminatorlover - Discovery Bay sunset
    April | Busy and missed it... We need a great April pic!
    May |
    June | 1st Annual VJB PowellPalooza | Kraig airing out his Daytona!
    July | justsquirtin hitting it hard in his single seater SWTD on alcohol!
    August | "THE ADVOCATE" finally gets the queen wet!!!
    November | "THE ADVOCATE" again - Photo courtesy of Laddie
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    1. David's Avatar
      David -
      How about that huh!!! Jason gets it wet!!!
    1. 78hallett's Avatar
      78hallett -
      justsquirtin takes the best haulin ass pics!!!!
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