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    1. David's Avatar
      David -
      Well T8er you were real close on your estimate of when it'd happen, you said this summer and you weren't far off...

      The members here are the reason this site is as successful as it has been that's for sure!!!

      We had some great stuff happen this year, the the Hydro races and Big Wake Weekend at Folsom Lake, we got to be part of the Vines & Vessels event at the Sacramento Marina, and we hosted our Thrill the Children VintageJetBoats.com Toys for Tots Challenge for the first time.

      There's more stuff in the works for next year as well, Thrill the Children VintageJetBoats.com Toys for Tots Challenge will again be on the first Saturday of November at Lake Berryessa Steele Canyon Recreation Area. We heard the H1 races are returning although without Bob Richards and 41Live so I'm not sure if we'll be involved.

      Then there's DRAG BOATS returning to Nor Cal!!! This will be an epic event!!! I spoke to Bob yesterday and he's real close to making an announcement of the new venue for this new event!!!

      Next year should be awesome!!!
    1. 78_Tahiti's Avatar
      78_Tahiti -
      Congrats VJB! really looking forward to what Bob is getting put together!
    1. T8er S.'s Avatar
      T8er S. -
      Did it again LOL...
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