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    The MIC Database came up with nada on the search, it must have been built under another name?
    Do you have a Tahiti boat? We need some more pictures & info for this section.
    1973 19' | 455 Olds submitted by: olds lead sled
    1976 Tahiti | 455 BBO | Berkeley JG submitted by: raptor6800
    1977 21' Tahiti Boss submitted by: 77 Captain Tahiti
    1978 | Super Cruiser submitted by: 78_Tahiti
    1978 18' Super Tiger Bubble Deck submitted by: Dano
    Submitted by: Unleashed
    Submitted by: laddiepowell
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    1. old rigger's Avatar
      old rigger -
      The original Tahiti's were built under "Dick Schuster Custom Boats" in Long Beach, Ca. I don't know where his original shop was and I recently talked to one of my dads oldest friends, he rigged for Dick in the evenings before my dad worked there, to see it he could remember, but he couldn't, he remember the shop but not the address. What the hell, it was 50 years ago now! Then Schuster had a shop on Lakewood Blvd. in Bellflower that was used before and after by several other boat shops and dealers. That building is gone. Schuster then moved a half block back onto Ramona Street. There are still 3 huge steel buildings that was Tahiti and the stretch for a city block, from Ramona to Cedar st. A&M trailers were there and Competitive Trailers is still along with countless welding and body shops through the years. I believe Schuster owned all this property, hell he may STILL own it if he's still around...or one of his sons. This is the shop that had the big fire, the center building if I remember right. Schuster sold Tahiti to Bell Industries and we moved to the gigantic custom made shop in Cerritos on Crusader Ave. It was right next to the almost new 605 freeway and for decades I've had people tell me they remember seeing all the boats stacked on the racks. My uncle, a 'nam vet (Marines, 2 tours as a gunner on a HUEY. My dad and all my uncles were leathernecks) dug all the footings for the office buildings that stood up as high as a 2nd floor with storage beneath so you could see almost the entire shop from the windows. This move to Cerritos happen in '71 I think and this was before HINs so a search won't show anything up. We were working here when Hawaiian started up, 1974 ish, so one day we were working for Bell Tahiti, the next we left with Schuster to build Hawaiians. Just like that. Hardin would buy Tahiti from Bell a few years down the road.
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